Hello and welcome to my blog. I'm not really picky as to what you call me, so any variation of my username or real name (Amanda) will do. I swear I'm cool sometimes, but I'm also an idiot who isn't good with words and gets too flustered to continue talking and then feels really bad about it.


I had a dream the other night that they made a Night Vale movie and that Cecil was introduced with a very dramatic shot of him walking down the station hallway until it pans down and you see he’s wearing light-up sketchers


pairings where they “hate” each other but would be devastated if anything happened to one another aRE MY FUCKING WEAKNESS 



When I say “please don’t take a picture of me” it’s not because I’m being bitchy and stubborn, it’s because if I see that picture I will seriously feel so bad about myself and think I am the ugliest thing on earth and sink a little deeper into self consciousness and hatred.

thank you

and before anyone says anything about selfies- those are controlled photos. 

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I need to practice Chu anyways Ive never drawn him xD Also I always love your little stories, keep writin’ em!! *//w//*

Can’t wait to see it! He looks like he’d be fun to draw, people should draw him more often. And thank you omg ;w;

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Man Im doing it Im doodling it tonight for warmup i need it in my life

*A* Bless your soul

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Oh my gosh, I need art of Goggles Koumei now xDD

So do I, this is possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever thought of

Koumei/Chuu'un and number 14?

14. lab partners au

"The titration isn’t working," he announced dully, sinking into his chair. "I don’t understand, I’ve done everything the directions said to. And I know that it’s early, but we’re going to bed a bad enough grade as it is without you sleeping on the job."

"I’m not sleeping." Not the most convincing argument in the world, but it was true and that was good enough for the redhead. Sure his head was on the desk and he was a bit tired, but he really was filling out data tables as he’d promised he would. He was many things, but not a slacker; he’d thought Chuu’un would know that by now.

Only the faintest twitch of his lips revealed that he felt anything it all. It was not so much annoyance - even if Koumei could be frustrating at times there was no denying that he was among the best students to be partnered with - but rather anxiety. He was no scientist, and this was worth such a large grade that he could not afford to fail. The looming threat of it was making him frantic; the titration would never work and there would be no way to collect the last of the data for the report and then-

No less than three bones cracked as Koumei slowly rose from his desk and stretched. “I can’t focus if you’re going to make that face at me the whole time.” He flexed his fingers and sighed, rubbing the back of his head. It was only a lab, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if their experiment went wrong. Surely there was some way to fix it, there always was. “Tell me what you’ve already done, and I’ll see what I can do.”

This was no time to get distracted, but Chuu’un could not help but notice how ridiculous his friend looked in the lab. Those goggles were doing his already messy hair no favors, and it was impossible to take him seriously when he was so unaware of himself that he’d allowed his bangs to get pinned inside the goggles. In spite of himself he relaxed a bit, thinking only of just how strange Koumei could be as he mumbled to himself about what to blame the failure on as he poured drop after drop into the vial. He really was something, to treat this disaster so calmly. Maybe it was still salvageable somehow, surely if it wasn’t Koumei would not be bothering to crouch down with his face that close to the glass for such an extended period of time.

"It only needed a few more drops, you know." He held up the flask of now clear liquid, looking utterly perplexed as it was met with such awe. 

me whenever i see a pigeon: nice