Hello and welcome to my blog. I'm not really picky as to what you call me, so any variation of my username or real name (Amanda) will do. I swear I'm cool sometimes, but I'm also an idiot who isn't good with words and gets too flustered to continue talking and then feels really bad about it.


spongebob has been so engraved into my mind that when i’m on my deathbed and i’m classified as comatose and braindead my heartrate will flatline i’ll mumble and everyone will come close to me to hear my miracle induced last words and i’ll just say ‘no this is patrick’ because these references are so pressed into my biological functions that the final spastic nerve impulses surging through my body can trigger them 


i loooooove personality quizzes and astrology and alignments and personality types because i’m completely obsessed with myself


oh my god

the squirrel

is trying to bury

the nut

in the dog’s fur

and the dog is just like


excuse me


but i’m not designed for that



when it comes to my room i have two moods

  • i will live in my own filth for all of eternity
  • everything should be clean even the particles in the air
"Shounen Oujo" vs "Makai Ouji"
        Illustrations: Utako Yukihiro


either i

  • dont have enough followers to get hate

or i

  • am perfect and therefore yall dont have anything to complain about